Building a new Virtual Reality Arcade

building VR arcade

Its very exciting to see the progress of our new VR centre here in the Sunshine Coast. The area started off as a shared area with grass floor and is a lovely location right on the river edge. Works are progressing nicely as the walls are put in place and some of the hexagon shaped panels start to form the outside of the walls.

The new Virtual Reality arenas here at VR Hero will offer another great attraction at the Sunshine Plaza for both locals and people on holidays.

The VR attraction started off with plans on what we wanted to incorporate. We knew we wanted two free roam arenas, so that you can play together walking around freely in your own game space.

As the walls start to come together the next stages will be adding a comfortable and safe rubber flooring to the arena spaces and to paint the walls.

Finally the technically challenge comes in getting all the VR equipment playing nicely! Wish us luck, and we hope to see you at VR hero soon.