Freeroam Arena

Assemble your team for the ultimate Virtual Reality free roam experience; VR ARENA!

Free Roam VR allows you and your whole team to move around the arena space completely untethered, meaning you can be fully immersed into the game.

With some of the best VR Arena games on the planet available at VR Hero, book online today to start your incredible virtual reality experience.




Our Hero Zone Arena is perfect for groups new to virtual reality or looking for a mix of VR game experiences. Choose any three of our incredibly fun 10 minute Hero Zone games for an awesome VR experience. Hero Zone is played in our free roam arena where players can freely walk around the place without wires or heavy backbacks, and communicate with your team mates as you battle it out together.

■ Multiplayer for 2-4 participants
■ 10+ years
■ $39pp
■ 35min game time
■ Add a 4th game for an extra $10pp (45min game time)

Five epic Hero Zone games to choose from:

  • Dead Ahead: The apocalypse is here! You and your friends make a last stand to defend against the undead.
  • Arrowsong: Orcs, goblins and a menacing dragon are out to destroy the sacred tree!
  • Cook’d Up!: Work together to prepare and serve delicious burgers before customers get angry.
  • Cybershock: Dodge lasers, bullets, firewalls, all this whilst trying to destroy the enemy.
  • Quantum Arena: Challenge your friends in an intense futuristic tournament


You and your team will enter this zombie-infested manor and try to survive MISSION Z… Lord Grave won’t take your presence in his home too kindly and will quickly release his creatures on your team.

You will have to take refuge and run away, sometimes taking elevators to unknown destinations…

A combination of great aiming, cooperation, and deductive skills will be needed to overcome these inconvenient hosts… Can you count on your friends?

■ Multiplayer for 2-4 participants
■ 10+ years
■ $39pp
■ 30min game time
■ Add a bonus DARK Z game for an extra $10pp (45min game time)


Space Dance Harmony is a VR motion-based dancing game that immerses players in a breathtaking environment shaped by the sounds and aesthetics of your favourite musical styles. Learn new choreographies by accurately mirroring dance routines performed by your new dance instructor to move up the leaderboard and gain points. Follow each dance with intuitive visual indication never before seen in a dance game.

Step into this fully immersive world and shed any shyness you may have walked in with this game is sure to get everyone moving, grooving and calling dibs on the next song selection.

■ Multiplayer for 2-4 participants
■ 10+ years
■ 30 minute game time
■ $39pp
■ Upgrade to a 45min game time for an extra $10pp


The Ultimate Multiplayer VR Zombie Shooter Experience

  • Stunning High Res Visuals
  • Immersive Gameplay
  • Multiplayers Free Roam
  • No heavy backpacks
  • 2-4 Players
  • 45min game time
  • $59pp

The Last Stand is THE ultimate VR Zombie Shooter game. Experience high resolutions, believable textures and realistic physics! The Last Stand instantly submerges players into the virtual world that’s hard to tell from reality.

Working together with your team you will need to defeat 5 waves of intense zombie attacks. Hordes of zombies continuously rush towards you and your team. As you progress you can upgrade your weapons and battle against different backdrops. Talk to your team mates through the VR headsets as you battle through the never ending zombie invasion and try and defeat the BOSS rounds.

Every second of a game session is filled with blood, gore and bursts of untamed emotions.

Communicate and cooperate with team members, and move around without teleports and lags. The Last Stand delivers unparalleled gaming experience without the need for heavy backpacks.

The game is strictly for ages 13+ due to the extreme blood and gore during the game.


Multiplayer War Shooter – 45minutes

1916, Verdun, Wood of the Caures, you play a French soldier during the Great War of 14-18. For 3 days, you will have to defend your trench with 3 of your brothers-in-arms against the incessant attacks of the German infantry, artillery, air force and tanks.

Main Features:

  • Survive 3 days, 3 different visual atmospheres, face the progressive rise of pressure exerted by the opposing army
  • Defend your trench with your rifle and change weapons to surprise the opposing trench
  • Discover hidden objects to improve your defense and trigger air strikes on enemy lines.
  • Make tactical choices with your allies to improve the offensive or defence of your trench.
  • Communicate and help each other in the face of the offensive.

The experience is based on real facts and is inspired by real newspapers of “Poilus”. WW1 Line of Fire was supported by the CNC for its scriptwriting and artistic work.

  • $59pp
  • Recommended ages 12+