Virtual Reality Arcade Games

Here at our new virtual reality arcade in the Sunshine Coast, we are pleased to offer some of the most globally popular VR arcade games currently available!

We have four dedicated pods with untethered wireless VR headsets from HTC for you to have the best arcade VR experience.

Play alone or play with your mates in one of the VR arcade pods. Check in store at our new location in the Sunshine Plaza, give us a call or check here on the website for the latest VR games available.

Like a VR game we don’t have in store? Check in with our friendly staff as we would love to hear about your game suggestions.

Arizona Sunshine Arcade edition is still one of the all time favourite zombie shooting games. All our staff still jump when they discover a hoard of zombies is attacking them from behind! Are you brave enough….

Come and check us out at VR Hero, Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore